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Pakistan Origin Card (POC)


Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is a project of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to facilitate the people of Pakistani origin while reviving their link with Pakistan. Usable as a comprehensive identification document , POC brings special status to the foreigners of Pakistani origin with some incentives and benefits


Note: POC form has been changed with effect from 15th February 2014 vide NADRA letter No. NADRA/IOD/POC/Policy/01/form dated 04 January 2014 which can be seen on NADRA's website: Further, the benefits, eligibility and requirements can also be seen with the attachment of the form.  


 Benefits and Facilities : .

  • Visa Free Entry into Pakistan

  • Indefinite stay in Pakistan

  • Exemption from reporting to Police or Foreigners registration Office

  • Permission to purchase , sell and depose of property anywhere in Pakistan

  • Right to open and operate bank accounts in Pakistan

  • Swift immigration into /from Pakistan at all designated routes, ports and place

  • Permission to use POC for proving identity where NIC is required

 Eligibility: The following are eligible to apply for Pakistan  Origin Card::

  • Former Pakistani Citizen: A person who does not currently hold Pakistani citizenship, but has ever remained a Pakistani citizen in his/her life.

  • Foreigner with Link to Pakistan: A person who has never been a Pakistani citizen but any of whose parents or grandparents is/was a citizen of Pakistan at any time during his/her lifetime and a person who has never been a Pakistani citizen but who either himself/herself of any of whose parents or grandparents

  • Was born in Indo-Pak subcontinent

  • Was domiciled anywhere in territories now included in Pakistan and

  • Acquired citizenship of a foreign state before the commencement of Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951

  • Foreign spouses born from Pakistani parents would be eligible for POC after clearance from Security Agencies.

  • Foreign spouses not from Pakistani parents will not be given POCs, instead they will be given long Visas.

Document Required :

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: POC application form has been changed which is available at NADRA's website: The old form after 1st March 2014 will not be entertained by NADRA. 

  • Requisite documents may please be attached as per instructions on forms.


  • Important: The NICOP/POC processing timeline is 2-3 months. While NICOP and POC holders are entitled to Visa Free entry applying for the card is not an option for upcoming travel within the 3-6 months processing time.

  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to check the status of his/her application on the NADRA website: <Hyperlink to:>

  • The applicant(s) who have applied for a NADRA card in Pakistan MUST mention their 13-Digit NADRA Card number on their NICOP form. Minors applying MUST mention their Child Registration Certificate (CRC) Number. Otherwise, their application will be rejected and they would be required to re-apply with a fresh fee.

  • For detailed information on National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis and the Pakistan Origin Card, please visit NADRA's official website.





















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