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Consular Services

   National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)

 National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is a mandatory  requirement for all Pakistani workers and citizens / residents aboard and Pakistanis holding dual nationality. This card is mandatory for all members of family (including children under the age of 18)


        Benefits and Facilities:  NICOP is not only an identification document, it offer unique privileges and facilities to its holders.
  • New Computerized NIC in Urdu free of cost on return from aboard.
  • Visa Free entry into Pakistan
  • Protection of the Government of Pakistan in any foreign country.
  • Entitlement to membership of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF)

         NICOP Document Requirements :

  • Complete NICOP Form (PDF format)

  • Fill in NICOP form in black ink only. NICOP Form is available on   the  website

  • Write present address in Ireland & permanent address in Pakistan

  • NICOP Form should be attested by a Pakistani having Computerized    National Identity Card of Pakistan (except blood relative) and also attach photocopy of National Identity Card of the attester

  • Attach Two photographs attested by Garda or GP (one from front  side & one from back side)

  • Fee detail can be seen at Subject 'Consular Fee' on the website. (Separate bank draft / Pay Order for each application in Euros in the name of Embassy of Pakistan, Dublin).

  • Attach two sets of photocopies of:-


     (i) Old Identity Card of Pakistan

    (ii) Pakistani Passport (first two pages &

          current Irish visa page)


  • In case of children attach photocopies of two sets of:-


        (i) Birth Certificate of the child

        (ii) Irish passport/Pakistani passport

        (iii) Parents Pakistani Identity cards

        (iv) Form B from Pakistan, if obtained        

        (v) If children can not sign, affix their thumb impression


  • One photocopy of the filled in NICOP form

  • Completed forms should be sent to the Embassy on the following     address:-  NICOP Section  Embassy of Pakistan  1-B, Ailesbury Road Ballsbridge, Dublin-4

  • Please write your contact telephone number (landline & mobile) on the forms

  • Incomplete forms will not be processed  

  • Important: The NICOP/POC processing timeline is 2-3 months. While NICOP and POC holders are entitled to Visa Free entry applying for the card is not an option for upcoming travel within the 3-6 months processing time.

  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to check the status of his/her application on the NADRA website: <Hyperlink to:>

  • The applicant(s) who have applied for a NADRA card in Pakistan MUST mention their 13-Digit NADRA Card number on their NICOP form. Minors applying MUST mention their Child Registration Certificate (CRC) Number. Otherwise, their application will be rejected and they would be required to re-apply with a fresh fee.

  • For detailed information on National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis and the Pakistan Origin Card, please visit NADRA's official website.

        Note : The applications for NICOP / POC received by post must be accompanied with a simple return envelope with complete address so that a copy of receipt can be dispatched to the applicants.


      The applicants must write their names on the back of bank draft and Photographs.


      The applicants can themselves track the progress on their applications using the receipt number ( Excluding initial zeros (00) ) on NADRA Tracking site i.e  after five / six weeks from the date of submission of  their applications. 


































































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